Make A Hit With Edible Wedding Favors

When decorating the tables for a wedding reception many want to add a little something for their guests in appreciation for joining them on the special day. One thing that is sure to make a hit is an edible wedding favor that can be eaten that night or taken with them when they leave.

They can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be and many can fit into the reception budget easily. For example, a Hershey Kiss with a small ribbon tied to the top and placed at each guests chair can make a simple edible wedding favor. The ribbon can also carry the name of the bride and groom along with the wedding date.

If you do not want to appear stingy, you can wrap several kisses in see-through net material and tie them with a similar ribbon with bride and groom's names on it and date creating am edible wedding favor. The guests can eat a couple at the reception and take the rest with them for on the way home.

Hershey's Chocolate can also be bought in the form of its miniature candy bars and wrapped in silver paper with name of the bride and groom on them as an edible wedding favor. One per set or several will make a good impression on your guests.

Cost Varies With Quality Of Food

Hand-made teabags are also being used as an edible wedding favor, and are sought after by those who love the drink. The teabag itself is made differently from the typical bag being longer and in the shape of a tall triangle, with ribbon identifying the bride and groom. Stand tall on the table, yet provides a great cup of tea.

Another option is buy regular size candy bars and then place an outer wrapper on them proclaiming your wedding day. Numerous companies make similar items and they will fit most regular size bars for an edible wedding favor. It is advised, however, to get the wrappers first to insure they fit the candy bars before you buy the candy bars.

Boxes of mints with the names of the bride and groom on them can serve a couple of purposes. The tins can be kept as a reminder of the wedding and they can help make sure the guests have fresh breath following the reception meal. This is one edible wedding favor that provides a benefit, even on the way home.