Treat Your Guests To A Cookie Wedding Favor To Show Your Appreciation

Wedding is an important day not only to the couple getting wed but also to the family and friends of the same. Wedding plans are made with months and sometimes longer in advance in order to ensure everything will be perfect on the chosen day. Everyone goes out of his or her way to make this day as special as possible for the wedded couple and you too can do something in return to show your appreciation for their efforts.

Giving And Receiving Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are not only meant for the wedded couple but also to the guests as well. This is a tradition that started in Europe long ago when the guests were thanked for attending the party by presenting the same with little gifts, which were basically boxes with home made cookies and sweets.

Today cookie wedding favor has become a popular gift at wedding parties and a wonderful way to show your gratitude and appreciation to your guests for making your wedding special and unique.

Most cookie wedding favors are custom made due to the fact that most parties like to add a special personal touch to the same such as, their initials, the date or even a thank you note.

Ideas Of Cookie Wedding Favors

There are a vast number of cookie wedding favors idea but the most popular are: fortune cookie for cookie wedding favor, initials and wedding and/or the initials of the guest you are presenting it to.

Cookie wedding favors is a inexpensive way to thanks all those that stood by you one of the biggest day of your life so take your time and decide what would be the right choice for you. Make your thank you note as personal as you possibly can for everyone who attended your wedding, like you, will remember this day forever and now you are giving them something to remember it by as well.

Helpful Tip

Usually for close friends and family members the cookie wedding favors are boxed in personalized boxes where you can add a written note if you have the time and inclination. Today in a world full of technology and electronic mail hardly anyone ever takes the time to write and sign a thank you card.

Make everything about your wedding special especially making the ones who made your wedding as special feel special as well.