Moving Away From The Traditional Ways - The Beach Theme Wedding Favor

The present generation love fun and frolic. The Y2K generation refuses to be stay serious for long. They consider life a big party and try to celebrate and enjoy it full size everytime and everywhere. This is the reason maybe why today you will find a lot of diversifications in wedding themes, ranging from serious to totally fancy types. Among these the beach theme weddings have been one of the most proffered choices.

When The Wedding Is On A Beach Theme, It Will Need A Beach Theme Wedding Favor

The unwritten rule or rather custom or tradition has it that all the wedding guests are presented a small token of appreciations and thanks for having made it to the wedding. This could be anything, from cake and pastries, to homemade crafts. The only things that it needs to be taken care of if, that the wedding favor reflects the theme of the wedding. Hence, if you are hosting a beach theme wedding, then you will need to match it with beach theme wedding favors.

Some Examples Of Beach Theme Wedding Favors

There are a lot of ideas around to choose from as beach theme wedding favors:

1. You could have a little bottle sealed with superfine sand and the tiniest of the tiniest sea shells in it

2. You could have miniature flip-flop key chains ordered specially for your wedding (get it delivered at least 10 days before the wedding day) custom-made with inscriptions, dates and all

3. Gel candles in tumblers, or glasses alternated with sand and sea shells

4. Adirondack chairs - these are special beach chairs which could be tailor-made for the occasion in the same way as the gel candles

5. Key chains with star fish, seas horses, jelly fish, etc custom made for the wedding with inscription of the date and possible the name of the newly weds

6. Personalized miniature sand castles (hardened) sealed in miniature bottled dated and inscribed accordingly

7. A little sea-water type looking liquid sealed in tiny bottles with miniature surfing boards, or fish, or sharks, etc inside.

8. Hand-made photo frames with lots of sand and sea shells decorations

9. Candles with sea shells captured in the wax

10. Large sea shells with appropriate inscriptions

Whatever you choose, make sure you have the beach theme wedding favors personalized well so you could turn an ordinary gift into a unique and special wedding favor commemorating your wedding day.