Get Inspiration From The Seasons And Fashion An Autumn Wedding Favor

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, when the nature entertains with the widest palette of colors projecting its beauty in a most picturesque manner. If you have your wedding in autumn, use this wonderful season as an inspiration and make autumn wedding favor, instead of ordering some mass-produced object.

What Can Make A Beautiful Yet Inexpensive Autumn Wedding Favor?

1. Autumn is the season of plenty, and hence if you look long enough you will definitely get sufficient inspiration right there in the nature. You could use a vine-yard theme where the autumn wedding favor would be a miniature bottle of wine - in your name (as a couple). Alternatively you could offer a wine tumbler inscribed with the details of the wedding neatly which is eye-catching and tasteful.

2. You could fashion a tiny cookies hamper especially baked for the occasion as an autumn wedding favor. This would be a lovely way to gift anyone.

3. You could collect colorful leaves, big and small and trap them in broad based or thin and long wine glasses covered with transparent candle gel. A great autumn wedding favor can be made out of bits and pieces of memorabilia or symbolic items which would be meaningful to both the given and the receiver placed in such receptacles.

4. You could fashion a large basket of wax fruits, symbolizing the plentifulness of autumn, and its beauty. When you fashion the fruits, you could inscribe a few words so you and your wedding will be remembered for a long time.

There are many more choices that the autumn can inspire you to do. It is easy to do a home-made autumn wedding favor - what is difficult is to make up your mind at what could be the best gift idea.

The autumn wedding favor like any other favor - should be made with the guest's likes and dislikes in mind. Choose something that it is easy to do and beautiful to look at. A calendar is a good idea for gift - where everyone can write an inspirational quote and have it laminated to be framed.

It will be a lot of fun for you to choose and make/ buy the autumn wedding favor. Remember, that you will need buy sufficient wrapping for all the gifts and aim at being ready at least a week before the D-day.