Small Business Succeed with Yahoo! Web Hosting

Yahoo! web hosting is a safe and effective way to access the Internet with your small business web site. They offer three packages that are reasonable and geared toward the demands of small businesses. Yahoo! is considered the number one internet brand across the globe and reaches the largest worldwide audience; this translates into your website being available to the largest audience, which in turns increases your exposure and your business worldwide. No more will you be considered the tiny little "Mom and Pop's on the corner.

For the Smaller Business Owner

Yahoo! web hosting offers it's first package, called the "starter", for the reasonable rate of $8.96. This package provides a free domain name, free set up fee, a disk space of 5 GB, 200 GB data transfer rate, 100 sub-domains, 200 email addresses and 24 hour support - seven days a week.

Growth in Business Equals Larger Demands

The second Yahoo! web hosting package, the "standard", is $14.95 per month and is a step above the "starter" package. The increased charges reflect a larger product offering in that the disk space increases to 10 GB, as does the data transfer rate at 400 GB. The sub-domains increase to 2000 and your account is given 500 email addresses. Customer support remains the same at 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The Top of the Line

The third and final package that Yahoo! web hosting offers is the "professional". For $29.96 per month, this package is by far the largest of the three and would benefit a larger business. As with the previous two, the domain name and set up fees are free. However, the disk storage space is 20 GB, the data transfer rate is 500 GB, there are 500 dub-domains, 1000 email addresses and the always offered 24 hour, seven days per week customer service.

Yahoo! Web Hosting Offers A Lot For Very Little

There is no doubt that the Yahoo! web hosting offers a large variety of options for the small business owner. It is especially helpful to those that are just starting beginning in the internet/web site business arena, as their customer service is top-notch and available 24 hours per day. Yahoo! has been in business for many year, Developing over the last eight years into the leading Internet business service company worldwide. This type of history proves that they are reliable and will not suddenly disappear one day after taking your time and money to get established.