The Virtual Shopping Mall by Way of the Web Hosting Site Builder

So you have decided to take your business to the Internet and join the World Wide Web's highway of commerce. Not a bad idea since statistics have proven that many shoppers have left the malls and joined the online shopping community. Online sales continue to increase and in order to stay competitive retailers need to provide an online storefront. As you move your business onto the Internet, you will need to find a web hosting site builder that best fits the needs of your company, promoting a storefront that will increase your customer base and sales.

Deciding exactly how to get your business name online can be very intimidating if the Internet marketplace is a new concept for you and your business. It is strongly recommended that research and multiple virtual interviews be completed with a number of web hosting site builders to get a thorough idea of what options best fit your company's retail demands. There are two basic options when choosing a web hosting site builder; an independent web site designer or a web hosting site builder.

Establishing Your Domain Name is Number One

The first step is to register the name of your website, referred to as a "domain". It is a requirement that all domains must be registered in order to operate on the Internet and there can only be one owner for any given name. Therefore, it is not always easy to use a name; the possibility exists that someone else may already own it. If this is the case, you will need to creatively come up with other alternatives. If the name you have your heart set on is immediately available, you now have two options which include purchasing your domain name immediately, prior to creating your website or you can have a web hosting site builder register your domain name and create your website at the same time.

If you choose to register your domain name prior to contacting a web hosting site builder, you must visit a company such as DomainBank.net or DomainDirect.com that can research and register your name of choice. A domain typically costs about $30 per year to register and can usually be purchased at a reduced rate if you pay for more than one year at a time. An individual can own as many domain names as they choose. There is also a highly competitive resale market in which domain names are auctions off to the highest bidder. If you have a name that your heart is set upon owning, you may be able to purchase it from another owner through one of these virtual resale auction houses.

Education is the Key to Success When Building Your Online Storefront

While the idea of an online storefront is exciting, make sure that all aspects of your web hosting site builder are researched fully. This is a new frontier for your business and it is an important market. It is best to tread slowly and make sure that the image you present is the one that you want to represent you worldwide. The internet opens doors across the globe and your business will now reach millions of people worldwide, make sure you take the time to put your best foot forward.