Small Business Web Hosting: Must Be Reliable As Well As Secure

An important aspect to small business web hosting is that the provider should offer reliable as well as secure and affordable web hosting that is able to deliver more for the small business as compared to the traditional shared hosting solutions. One should not need to forego quality as well as other important features when managing the budget and opting for cheaper web hosting, email and domain hosting services. A good provider should be like a "one-stop-shop" that provides a solution to small business web hosting, email, ecommerce, domain name hosting and other related services.

Clustered Hosting Technology

One can get perfect small business web hosting solutions with providers through clustered hosting technology that is more reliable as compared with traditional shared hosting and, provides better security as well as more flexibility when compared with low end dedicated solutions. One can get basic, professional and enterprise plans that will meet individual requirements and, which give the user many benefits in a cost effective manner.

Netfirms, Inc. is a leading small business web hosting provider that has a huge database of satisfied customers that have used their solutions. A firm that began operations in 1998, Netfirms enjoys a good reputation for its quality products as well as great customer services. With small business web hosting solutions, small businesses are able to establish an online presence instantaneously. In fact, Netfirms can boast of propelling over 1.2 million websites to online success each day and also lay claim to being trustworthy, quality conscious as well as reliable.

Different small business web hosting solutions are available and one can expect to get 20GB disk space, 750GB monthly transfers and, a hundred email accounts included in their plan. The small business will get enough bandwidth to host media as well as video and, for advanced users, there are provisions for PHP/MySQL as well as phpMy Admin that allows users to take advantage of these programming languages to customize their business needs.

The small business web hosting solution will also include the ability to organize the company's communication needs through company e-mail accounts that allows them to check messages using any popular e-mail software. One should also be able to install useful software on the website without much difficulty. In addition, one can also put one's finger on the pulse of the website and get statistics pertaining to website visitors and, know the number of visitors to the website and, also be informed of when the site is busiest. To top it all, one can also get Google Adwords to kick-start traffic to the website through online advertising.