Symbols Of Success - The 1945 Vintage Tupperware

The Tupperware started in 1945 when Earl Tupperware had developed an extraordinary type of plastic which could be used to store food items (and anything else under the sun) in the minimum possible space.

The exceptional quality of the product notwithstanding, the Tupperware did not make it to the market till 1950, when Brownie Wise joined the company as a saleswoman. Her dynamism and futuristic approach to the marketing and selling of the product was actually what launched the Tupperware in the market, and the rest is history.

Looking Back And Re-Living History With Vintage Tupperware

Brownie launched the first products through a new and exceedingly simple yet novel idea of selling. A person (for example Brownie Wise) would invite a number of friends and neighbors to a party. The party would be fun, people will mingle and sometime during the party's peak time, Brownie would announce to her friends and neighbors the qualities, the uses and the benefits of using Tupperware.

She had also highlighted the fact that company encouraged husband-wife teams, and hence women starting the Tupperware business were no real threats to their title of breadwinners. The idea was an instant hit, putting the company on the success track that it still follows today, 60 years after its inception.

Those items that were manufactured in the first year have become now vintage Tupperware and though they do not cost as much as an antique would bring, it is something wonderful to have for any Tupperware enthusiast. It represents the starting point of the company and hence, it throws a light on the history of the venture.

Whatever is the reason, the vintage Tupperware is indeed sought after and brought off like hot cakes every time it comes on any type of open auctions, and other avenues of showcasing-cum-sales. Since the company completed 60 years, the products that come from about six decades ago is something any Tupperware enthusiast would love to see and possess.

In other words, there is a great demand for the vintage Tupperware, provided it is genuine and affordable. The demand is not generated because the vintage Tupperware is beautiful alone, but also because the models of the boxes are so much different from what we see today, making it special.

Everybody loves something unique - hence when there is an opportunity to grab anything that falls into that category; people usually buy it first and then think where to put it in the house. The vintage Tupperware story is no exception.