Store Ingredients For Tupperware Recipe Safely

It only stands to reason that with so many of your cooking and baking ingredients stores in airtight containers that there should be a Tupperware recipe out there for you to us. Actually, there are several in the book Tupperware Cooks. Since the ingredients are stored in Tupperware, you can be sure they are still fresh.

The newest Tupperware recipes can be found from celebrities like Chevy Chase and Patty Labelle, or chefs the likes of Sara Moulton. Over 100 pages of easy-to-read and follow, dishes are included in this user-friendly collection of Tupperware recipes. Many of the containers in which food is stored can also be used as mixing containers with little or no mess.

For example, you have created a microwavable dish for later in a Rock and Serve Mug, it can be frozen until it is needed. It can then go from freezer to the microwave and be ready to serve in minutes. A Tupperware recipe for this type meal is also found in the cookbook.

The Rock and Serve containers are available in several convenient sizes and can be used cook then freeze and microwave a variety of dishes from the Tupperware recipe cookbook. The 15-quart container can hold a fairly large ham or carved turkey, while the smaller sizes can freeze cookies after you bake them.

Travel Food Containers Carry Baked Goods

If a Tupperware recipe for cake is to your liking, once it is baked, you can place the nine-inch by thirteen-inch cake on the cake carrier and then decorate it. The lid is airtight to keep it fresh during travel. Additionally, if you chose to make cupcakes instead, the bottom of the cake carrier turns upside-down to reveal spots for a dozen cupcakes to sit securely to arrive in one piece.

A Mix and Store container can prove useful in many Tupperware recipes, as you may make a double-batch of a recipe and have no means of storing it. Just leave it in the container with the center seal in place and it is ready to go when you are. The removable splashguard also helps prevent making a mess of the countertop while mixing.

Tupperware spatulas can help in scraping your mixing bowls as you cook, helping to make everything you make in the Tupperware recipe cookbook easier. The Tupperware recipe cookbook is very simple to use and easy to read and is available in Spanish as well as English.