Uses For Old Tupperware Pitchers And Containers

Many people have a vast abundance of Tupperware hanging around their houses that they're not really using any more and are looking for resourceful ways to utilize all this currently unused stuff. In some cases, people choose to sell their old Tupperware pitchers, containers and canisters in yard sales or on eBay; however, if you look at the price that you paid for the Tupperware in the first place and the price that you can reasonably ask for it at a yard sale or the ultimate auction price it will bring on eBay, there's a vast difference between the two prices. It's for this reason and a few others, that selling ones old pitchers and other Tupperware is not always the best option when it comes time to get rid of all that Tupperware filling up your cupboards.

Other Options

There are many things that you can do with your old Tupperware, some favorite uses of old Tupperware include storing things outside of the kitchen. For example, old Tupperware pitchers can be used to store things in the garage such as bolts and screws. Smaller Tupperware can also be used for this purpose, but the pitchers are of a more significant size in most cases. Imagine that you go out and buy a whole bunch of new containers in which to store things in the garage or in the bathroom closet. Why not use old Tupperware for this purpose?

Tupperware pitchers can also be used to plant things or used as a flower vase for fresh flowers that are cut and given to you. Perhaps these pitchers are not the prettiest vases on the planet, but they are certainly sufficient for the job and a very earth-friendly way of re-using plastic. In a retro-styled house or apartment, Tupperware pitchers as flower vases and pots can be seen as a great and innovative, stylish, choice.

Old Tupperware containers are great as keepsake boxes for all those things that children collect, such as beads and stickers and Barbie toys and shoes. In addition, if you use the clear, square Tupperware containers for this, your child can see what's inside of them and can easily stack them on shelves as a quick clean-up option. Tupperware pitchers are also a fun option for kid's 'tea parties', but only if juice is standing in as tea; hot liquids and Tupperware shouldn't be mixed.

The bottom line is that there are many, many options for that old Tupperware cluttering up your kitchen. Before you mark them 10 or 25 cents each and throw them in your next yard sale, consider all the handy things that you could use them for right there at home.