Sizing Up Tupperware Pitchers

Tupperware Pitchers come in a variety of sizes and a variety of shapes; the best way to decide which one you need or want is to use a variety of them and see which one you find to be the most useful. Most Tupperware pitchers come either in the oblong shape or the cylindrical shape. The oblong ones are a white-ish, clear-ish color, and the cylindrical ones come in a wide variety of colors, most of them 70's inspired. There is no singular answer as to which shape is most popular; it's quite simple really that some people prefer one design while others prefer the other design. As for the size of Tupperware pitchers, the oblong ones come in a variety of sizes whereas you are far more likely to encounter only one size of the cylindrical pitchers—the size in which you would make a iced tea or lemonade for six people or more in the summer.

The Ins And Outs Of The Shapes

People who prefer simple things tend to prefer the cylindrical version of Tupperware's pitcher because of the lid that comes with the pitcher. The lid is a perfect fit on the top of the pitcher and you have to lift it up a little to tilt it in order to actually pour liquid from it. This is a simple enough step when it comes to getting a drink poured from the pitcher, but at the same time it is a perfect seal, such that if the container tips over, nothing will leak out in the few seconds it takes to right the container. The lid comes apart for easy cleaning, and the handle is large enough for any size hand to use easily.

As for oblong Tupperware pitchers, the design is quite different. The lid for this style of pitcher snaps onto a top ridge on the top of the pitcher and it can be slightly difficult to make sure that the lid is snapped onto all parts of the pitcher. If the lid is not properly snapped on, leakage is possible. On the tope of this lid is a hand cap that flips up and open in order to pour the contents of the pitcher out. This flip cap can be detached from the lid for easier and more thorough cleaning, but again, the cap has to be properly attached to the lid in order to ensure proper and leak-free usage. The handle on this style of pitcher is thin Tupperware that swings from parallel to the lid to being perpendicular to the pitcher itself. In all ways, from shape to handle design, the oblong pitcher is a definite space saver!