For Easy Desserts on the go, try Tupperware for Cakes!

Busy moms spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Between bake sales, school parties and soccer snacks there seems to be a never-ending need for a food supply to feed the masses. Cupcakes are a particularly popular choice for school functions, but if you have ever tried to transport cupcakes in bulk, you know how challenging that seemingly simple task can be.

Fortunately, Tupperware has come up with the perfect solution to the cupcake dilemma with their own line of Tupperware for cakes and other desserts. Gone will be the days of arriving at an event with a box full of cupcakes that have tipped over and made a mess! Say farewell to the cakes with plastic wrap stuck to the icing, and layer cakes that have become lopsided on the road. Thanks to Tupperware for cakes, your best dressed desserts will arrive to the party looking almost as good as you!

Choices in Tupperware for Cakes

For easy toting of sheet cakes and cupcakes, you can check out the rectangular cake taker from Tupperware. This carrier is perfect for transporting a 9x13-inch sheet cake or eighteen cupcakes. Your desserts are guaranteed to arrive at the party looking just as festive as they did in your kitchen. The carrier comes with a locking lid with a built in handle for convenient carrying.

The base of the cake taker is flat on one side, so that you can tote your sheet cake easily. If you flip the base over, there are eighteen holders for cupcakes, so that your cupcakes or muffins can go with you in a container that will prevent them from falling or breaking. This cake taker, as with other Tupperware products for cakes, comes with a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling. It is also safe to put into the dishwasher, making clean-up a snap.

Another Tupperware product for cakes is the round cake taker that is ideal for transporting layer cakes, round desserts, hors d'oeuvres or sandwiches. The base has a flat side and a recessed side that gives you versatility in what you can carry. As with the rectangular cake taker, this Tupperware product for cakes is also dishwasher-safe and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Isn't it nice to know that there is a choice in Tupperware for cakes that allows you to arrive at functions with your desserts looking as beautiful as they did when they left your kitchen? You can order both of these products through the Tupperware website or through your independent Tupperware consultant.