Tupperware Dealer And The Party Plan Of Brownie Wise

Everyone knows about Tupperware today, as it is a household name in plastic microwavable products and many other extraordinarily innovative and qualitative containers, marketed and sold successfully all over the globe.

Did you know who was behind the massive success story of the Tupperware? No, it is not the developer of the hi-grade plastic, Earl Tupperware, but Brownie Wise. She was an excellent strategist, a courageous plan implementer and a woman with exceptional clarity and vision. She was the one who is responsible for the success of the Tupperware business.

The Model Of The Tupperware MLM And The Tupperware Dealer's Role

Yes, it is true that Tupperware is an MLM - but it is one that functions on different principles and premises.

1. The Tupperware can be sold and marketed only through parties organized by a Tupperware consultant. There is a bottoms-up approach in this system, and the Tupperware dealer is quite far up. The work is kick-started by the consultant who "sells" the idea to other women or couples by throwing a party (or parties) where they explain the what, how and whys of the Tupperware as a product. At these parties sales are made, and also recruitments.

2. Those who want to join the ranks of Tupperware force would then latch onto the consultant (who hosted the party) and the process is repeated. Now, depending on the sales amount, the person will move up the ladder, becoming first a consultant, then a manager, then distributor/dealers. When you reach at this level; you will have to be invited by the Tupperware Company to become a Tupperware dealer or distributor since these are limited positions.

3. A little known fact is that the Party-Plan was the brain child of an exceptional saleswoman, known as Brownie Wise. Wise was the person who observed that these products would need a separate way of marketing and selling. Nonetheless, the idea that she chose was extraordinary and quite courageous given the background of that time when women earning were not seen as contributors to the home kitty-bank, but as elements of discordance who challenge the role and importance of men as bread winners.

4. The scheme that Brownie Wise worked out was such that when a person reached the level of Tupperware dealer, he/she (or the couple) would not need to do anything anymore, other than give advice and encouragement to new entrants. At the level of Tupperware dealer, the world is at your feet because you will earn residue income for as long as the products are sold in the chains under you.