For Outstanding Success In Business, Meet Your Tupperware Consultant

Who does not want success in their endeavors? Whoever starts a business, will do so thinking that one day they would be successful and they would look back and congratulate themselves of their decision to start the venture.

How many really reach this point, I cannot say. The Tupperware consultant will tell you however, that with their products, they are constantly facilitating successful business every day of the year. How? They are following the path that Brownie Wise showed them 60 years ago.

Who Was Brownie Wise And How Is She Related To The Tupperware Consultant Concept?

Brownie Wise was a brilliant marketing strategist who is behind the success story of Tupperware. Before she had joined the company, Tupperware was an unknown product which was gathering dust on the shelves of the shopping malls. Wise saw the need to introduce a way of building awareness fast regarding the advantages of the product and more specifically its uses and the help it could offer in the kitchen.

It was in this backdrop that she hit on the idea of introducing the word-of-mouth marketing (direct marketing) and sales strategy which Tupperware is still following till date. In this concept, direct marketing comes with an unusual twist. First of all this business, though aimed at women, is run generally by couples where both husband-wife contribute their efforts.

At that time, in 1945, when this product was launched, women in business were seen as threats to the male ago and their role as a bread winners. By inviting the husband in the picture, Brownie crossed the first and the main obstacle in launching of her product. Secondly, the marketing was done only by word-of-mouth through specifically organized parties where women (or couples) explained to the other couples/ women how things work and what they are.

Those who wanted to join the Tupperware family would get "attached" to a Tupperware consultant who would be their guide in business, products, how-to-conduct-a-party assistance and so on. It was this Tupperware consultant that would be hand-holding the new entrant till they became totally familiar with the way things were run at Tupperware. Once the newcomer(s) got their feet, they became Tupperware consultants to other members, and the chain continued.

Wise knew that this type of direct marketing could create excellent credibility and hence, promote the product like no other advertisement could. True enough Tupperware was on the top of the lists in no time. It still is - thanks to an extraordinary saleswoman called Brownie Wise (1913-1992).