Tupperware Bowls Keep Leftovers Fresher

The dilemma may be a large bowl of soup left over from supper and you really do not want to throw it away. Saving it for later is easier with Tupperware bowls and their sure-fitting lids to prevent spills and keep it fresh.

Ice Prisms two-cup Tupperware bowls are ideal serving bowls for anything that can be made in advance, such as a salad. The tight-fitting lid can be put in place and then it can be refrigerated until it is time to serve. All you will have to do at dinnertime is take the lid off and no one will know it was not just made.

Pancake batter is something many people seem to make too much of to use all at once. By mixing it up in one of many Tupperware bowls, the remaining batter can be placed in the refrigerator for later, or even the next day, when it can be used. The lid makes sure it does not leak or pick up any odors that may be lingering in the refrigerator, such as onions.

If you have ever put potato chips or pretzels in bowls even 30-minutes before a party begins, you know how quick they start to go stale. Six-quart Tupperware bowls with a lid can help keep them fresh until it is time to pop the top. Two matching dip bowls, each hold about 16-ounces of dip, can be attached to the side of the bowl for easy access. The dip bowls also have tight-fitting lids to make it quicker to store any leftovers.

Tight Lids Make Bowls Travel-Ready

Running late for breakfast and do not want to leave your cereal behind you can put it into 20-ounce Tupperware bowls and take it with you. With the airtight and virtually leak-proof lids, you can even add the milk. However if you think your cereal will be too soggy by the time you have a chance to eat it, milk can be taken in a separate cup with a lid. If you fancy hot cereal, these bowls are also microwavable.

For a snack bowl with cheeses and meats or vegetables that need a dip to go with them, there are Tupperware bowls with six two-cup compartments and a 14-ounce compartment in the center for your dip. The center compartment has a lid to prevent spilling and the entire bowl has a tight-fitting lid to keep it fresh before serving or for storage of leftovers.