Choose Unbreakable Tumbler Tupperware Makes

If you have young children who always seem to drop their glasses and break them, Perhaps you should start looking for a plastic tumbler Tupperware makes just for that purpose. The majority will not break and are designed in colors to reflect your mood.

There is a tumbler Tupperware makes with double-wall construction to keep your drink hot or cold and it is tapered to fit cup holders in most vehicles. Its slender design makes it easy to grip and indentations on the sides help it to be slip-proof.

Then there are the tumblers that is more like a squeeze bottle that will not leak and this tumbler Tupperware makes has a bottom that screws off for storage for keys, money and many other items. This would be ideal to take to the beach to hide cash and keys, as no one is likely to look in the bottom of your drink bottle.

A sunlight yellow tumbler Tupperware makes for children over six-months is decorated with Winnie the Pooh and holds a leak-proof seal. It is sold with a matching bowl with a sealable lid and is sure to delight the eyes of little ones everywhere.

Tumblers With Matching Pitchers Add To Party D├ęcor

When hosting a party it is always good to have drinks ready ahead of time with ice in pitchers ready to pour into a matching tumbler. Tupperware make different sets with varied designs to match the theme of your gathering. A five-piece set, consisting of a pitcher and four matching 16-ounce tumblers, can add a bright spot to casual entertaining.

The tumblers come in four accented colors, Sapphires, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst, which matches the colors on the two-quart pitcher. This set is billed as non-breakable and is dishwasher safe. If you are feeling a little bold, perhaps the tumblers Tupperware has created in kiwi and tangerine colors. The 12-ounce kiwi color tumblers or the eight-ounce tangerine color can enliven your outdoor table.

The design of each tumbler Tupperware creates is unique and they will feel right at home in your kitchen or on your patio. They can fit into just about any event you host at home and even your children can feel comfortable using them, knowing they are unbreakable. Additionally, the tumblers are made to stack either upright or upside-down and remain stable in the cupboard or on your table.