The Many ways to Order Tupperware

Tupperware was developed in 1945 by a man named Earl Tupper. By the 1950's Tupperware was being sold through Tupperware parties, which was a strategy devised by sales representative Brownie Wise. For many years, Tupperware parties were the number one method of ordering Tupperware by avid fans and users of the plastic products.

If you wanted to add to your Tupperware collection, you had to attend or host a party with a distributor to have the opportunity to check out the newest inventory. With the introduction of the electronic age, many other options have become available for ordering Tupperware. Today, not only is Tupperware still one of the most popular food storage choices available, the choices in shopping for Tupperware have made it extremely convenient to collect as well.

Ordering Tupperware Today

Home parties are still a popular way to shop for Tupperware. A consultant will have a loyal customer host a gathering of friends in her home so that the consultant can show off the newest and most popular Tupperware products. Guests can order Tupperware from the comfort of a friend's home, and the hostess earns free products for her time and effort in throwing the party.

You can also order Tupperware on the internet. Most consultants will have a website available so that regular customers can contact them whenever the need arises. If you do not have a current consultant, you can register onto any one of a multitude of websites designed specifically for ordering Tupperware. You can also head directly to the Tupperware website to check out the newest products and place your order.

Yet another way to order Tupperware is through kiosks at the shopping mall in your area. These kiosks will carry a good inventory of items, but can also take your Tupperware order if you do not find the particular merchandise that you are looking for.

These kiosks are particularly useful for the new collector, since the products are available to see, touch and inspect, and a distributor will generally be on hand to answer questions and assist with ordering. You can also pick up a catalogue quite often from these kiosks so that you can place your Tupperware order at a later date.

Tupperware is still a popular line of products for the kitchen and the rest of your home. The good news is that with the many options available today in ordering new Tupperware, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping at home for a top quality line of products.