Organize your Life with Midget Tupperware

Despite the name, midget Tupperware is big on convenience and organization for the home. If you consistently have trouble keeping track of all of those little items in your life, Tupperware midgets might be the perfect solution. If you are considering the purchase of a set of these mini containers, think beyond the kitchen. These storage solutions work as efficiently in the home office or the craft closet as they do in the pantry.

You can use Tupperware midgets to keep track of spare buttons, beads for crafts, or even fishing supplies - anywhere that you might accumulate small items that need to be contained! These handy little units also work quite well in the kitchen for keeping decorating supplies for cookies and cakes, chopped nuts, and spices handy and easy to find. The containers are sheer, so that you can easily see the items inside. They also come with lids that snap on tight, which protect them from spills and make them quite stackable in your cabinets or pantry.

Purchasing your Tupperware Midgets

Tupperware midgets come in a set of six containers with lids. Lid color will vary based on the season that you buy your product in. The containers will come in one-ounce, 1 ½ ounce and two-ounce sizes. Just like other Tupperware products, the Tupperware midgets come with the lifetime guarantee against breaking, chipping and peeling. That means that if your containers become damaged in any way due to a manufacturer's defect, you can have the item replaced at no charge to you during the life of the item.

The containers are safe for the dishwasher to make cleaning them a breeze. Because the lids are airtight and virtually moisture proof, these containers are also ideal to use for the kids' lunch boxes. Why not take a few with you on your next camping trip? The size makes them handy for travel as well, to house your medications, vitamins or extra cotton balls. Some customers have even used the Tupperware midget to house and hide a spare house key in the yard! With a little imagination and necessity, your use for these convenient little storage units will only be limited by your imagination.

To order your Tupperware midgets, contact your local Tupperware consultant or go online to the Tupperware website. You can also find this item at some of the kiosks at your local shopping mall. Order your Tupperware midgets today, and begin organizing all of those little details in your life!