The Hamburger Tupperware Is Ideal For Making The Perfect Hamburger Patty

The hamburger tupperware consists of one round storage container, a press handles as well as a round insert and it is ideal for making hamburger patties, so make sure to bring along enough meat for breaking up and vacuum sealing them. With the hamburger tupperware, making a perfect patty should not be difficult and may require getting out the storage container and placing the insert inside it. This can be followed by scooping some beef, pork as well as any ground meat into it and then pressing firmly down using the press handle. When you are satisfied that it has been flattened correctly, you can pull out the insert and there should be a small gap between the meat and the container. This way, the hamburger tupperware should have made the patty of up to 1/3 pound though it is also possible to get a little more. The end result of the hamburger tupperware is perfectly rounded and proportionate patties.

Dishwasher Safe And Easy To Clean

The hamburger tupperware is also dishwasher safe and cleaning it should not pose much of a problem. This item is one that every lover of patties should have for with it; one can achieve perfection in hamburger patties every time and without any messing about. It is a special one-piece press featuring an open handle which is easy to hold and use and the 1 ½ inch deep press ring allows one to create thin or thick patties which are also uniform in diameter. One can hold 1/3 pound of uncooked ground meat in the hamburger tupperware and the keepers can be stacked for the freezer because of the fact that the groove on the bottom forms a seal for the following keeper on the stack. One may also make a finger hole in the middle for each hamburger patty before freezing and this should eliminate having shrunk or raw-in-the-middle hamburger patties. Also, with the hamburger tupperware the burgers ought to cook evenly and not shrink a great deal. The hamburger tupperware also allows for hamburger or patty stackers which can make up and pop in the freezer.

To find a good hamburger tupperware should not be a problem as there are many outlets stocking and selling them. The most popular hamburger tupperware item seems to be the Tupperware Hamburger Press and Freezer Stacker set which retails for about twenty dollars and most stores selling Tupperware items would be selling these as well.