A Legendary Saleswoman Named Brownie Wise And The Tupperware Success Story

The Tupperware story is the story of an ordinary product sold in an extraordinary way. It is the story of a wonderful re-direction of focus and courage to do things differently. Had this business gone the same way as other normal business went, this too would have bitten the dust in about 5-10 years of existence after making some profit, some name, some niche in the market, and then die of a natural death.

The Tupperware Difference

The Tupperware product was then, as it is now a product of a very high quality. The plastic was excellent; the container models were and are till today extremely well researched and designed to give the best possible way of storing in the minimum possible space.

The product is bought and sold through the world, and today it is recognized as one of the most successful business stories in the world. A lot many other businesses modeled their style of marketing and selling on the Tupperware model and they succeeded, too.

What Is The Tupperware Model?

Let me give you a little background insight before I will explain to you the Tupperware model. The Tupperware plastic was invented or rather developed in 1945 by Earl Tupper. He was extremely pleased with the exceptional quality of this plastic and hence, was confident that products made out of it will be received well by customers. However, in spite of the exceptional quality, superior design and advanced technology used, the model gathered dust on the shelves on the best shopping malls.

The Tupperware became famous, as you know it today because of an extra-ordinary woman called Brownie Wise. In an era when man was of paramount importance and feminism was considered almost obscene, Brownie launched the idea of women in business. The idea was extremely daring, it required a great deal of courage, but it worked.

Brownie's strategy was to pull his model from the shopping malls totally and start selling it exclusively through word-of-mouth marketing through parties organized by women for women. Men were always welcome too, and those women who wished so, could work as a husband-wife team as well. Brownie realized that unless women, who were mostly in the kitchen, understood the concept of the Tupperware thoroughly, they would not be interested in the product. Hence, instead of advertisements, Brownie hit upon the idea of getting women together for a party where they could relax and discuss business with Tupperware.

The idea was a hit, and today Tupperware is a world leader. It still works on the same principle the Brownie Wise had introduced 60 years ago, broadcasting her genius and bearing silent testimony to her exceptional market perception and selling strategy.