How To Reduce Your Stress And Depression

Stress and depression can sometimes go hand in hand as prolonged feelings of stress, especially when the source cannot be found, can lead to depression over the extended stressful feelings. If you think your feelings of stress and depression may be extreme enough to be clinical then you may want to seek the help of a professional. Sometimes self help attempts can do more harm than good and in the end you will need a professional anyways. So when stress and depression come on strong and just don't seem to want to go away then you should more than likely seek some professional help. Discuss these methods of relieving stress and depression with your doctor and see what they say.

Stress and depression are not always treated the same way and that is because sometimes their sources can differ greatly. Many times you can trace the source of your stress and depression and other times you have no idea why you harbor these feelings. Sometimes prolonged feelings of stress can actually be attributed to anxiety and that is where a professional can help you make that critical determination. Depression can sometimes have a definable source but last for a prolonged period of time. In situations like this a professional can help you sort out what you are feeling and even help you determine if your case of depression helped to trigger some sort of physical reaction that needs to be dealt with.

Two Ends Of The Spectrum

Stress is a feeling of being tense and nervous and at a high emotional state. When you are relieved of your stress you can sometimes feel physically drained because the feeling of stress can take a lot out of you and when you finally come down from stress the physical drain can leave you exhausted. That is why prolonged stress can be physically damaging to you as prolonged periods of heightened stress can begin to cause physical complications not only in your digestive system but your nervous system can take a hit as well. Most people feeling great stress feel a great deal of nervous energy and cannot sit still. Prolonged nervous energy can also lead to physical problems and emotional problems as well as your heightened state of awareness can take an emotional toll.

Depression takes you in the other direction. With depression you feel like you don't want to do anything and your emotional state can suffer greatly with prolonged depression. You can begin to have other physical conditions such as weight gain and constant fatigue as well. It may take more than one professional to help you fight your depression but in the end it is worth it because prolonged depression can not only lead to physical harm but also thoughts of suicide.