Keep the Spies Out in the Cold with Spyware Terminator

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold was a catchy title for a Richard Burton flick, but as real life--or at least cyber life--goes, you don't want spies anywhere near the warmth of your smoothly running computer. Spyware Terminator is a program that offers everything you need to keep your computer free of spies and other security threats.

Spyware Terminator helps protect your computer from prying eyes in a number of ways. First, it offers real-time protection. If your internet connection is always on, real-time protection will identify and disable spyware before it is able to install itself on your computer. Next, Spyware Terminator offers scanning to detect existing spyware. Users can choose between a fast scan, which takes only a minute or two, and a full scan, which takes longer but offers a more thorough computer check up.

Users can also customize their scans and set up scheduled scans, which run daily at a pre-selected time. Once the can is completed, users are shown a system report. Finally, Spyware Terminator can either remove or quarantine harmful or potentially harmful files. Spyware Terminator is currently available at no charge to private users. Corporate clients can get a 30 day free trial.

How Does Spyware Terminator Compare to Other Spyware Removal Programs?

Spyware Terminator has much in common with the other big names in spyware removal. The fact that it is available to individual users at no charge, however, makes it a highly popular spyware removal program. Another strong selling point is that users of Spyware Terminator can customize scans and schedule regular times for the scans to run. Finally, unlike many other spyware removal programs, Spyware Terminator offers a system restore tool. That way, if the removal of a software program has an unanticipated negative effect, Spyware Terminator can be utilized to restore the computer to an earlier state of functioning.

Does Spyware Terminator Offer Any Other Benefits?

Yes. The first is a database with a list of over 2000 programs and what they do. A quick glance, for instance, shows that "3D Mouse" is safe, but a program with the rather promising name of "Spyware Remover" actually installs spyware rather than removes it. This database is a terrific place for users to check when they're not sure whether or not a download is safe. The Spyware Terminator website also features comprehensive assistance for users in the form of an FAQ Help Section, dynamic "Forums," and additional "Support" for those who can't find answers to their questions elsewhere.

With so many people online every day, it is little wonder that most computers end up with some type of spyware on their machines. Spyware Terminator, however, helps you level the playing field a little and make your online experience a safer, more enjoyable one.