Choosing an Effective Spyware Sweeper

Spyware is a program that you download without knowing and which spies on your computer activities. It includes programs that log your keystrokes and can discover your credit card numbers and secure passwords. It includes programs that profile your preferences and can generate pop-up ads or direct you to certain web sites according to your profile.

It even includes programs that can use your modem to dial the company that owns it to transmit your information. While spyware is easy to acquire, it is difficult to get rid of. It might disguise itself in the bundle of software that brought it in, incorporate itself into necessary operating processes or recreate itself after being found and "eliminated" by a spyware sweeper.

The New Broom

An effective spyware sweeper has to cover a lot of ground. Many anti-virus programs do not deal with spyware or have a separate element that doesn't run automatically. Besides finding the hidden programs, eliminating the replicating programs and separate the incorporated programs, a good spyware sweeper should be able to block spyware from being downloaded in the first place.

Check out reviews done by unprejudiced sources like computing magazines and consumer testing organizations. Look for a spyware sweeper that doesn't eat up a lot of computer resources while it reliably protects the computer. The spyware sweeper works by comparing known spyware components with programs on the computer or being downloaded. When a new type of spyware comes along, the spyware sweeper has to be updated in order to be effective. Find out if the spyware sweeper you are considering has automatic updates, free updates and regular updates.

Learn the abilities of your new spyware sweeper. If it is a good spyware blocker, it may not need to be as good at finding and removing spyware. If it is good at finding and removing adware, you can boost its blocking effectiveness by using your browser to block Active-X controls and keeping the security settings as high as possible. Be aware of the dangers of free downloads.

There are many articles online warning about specific downloads that contain adware, malware and spyware. Affected downloads may not be the only way to get your free software. Look for alternate downloads that will supply the same benefits without the spyware. Your best protection from malicious spyware is education and careful practices. Along with a really good spyware sweeper, that should be sufficient.