Hidden Dangers in Spyware Stormer

The smooth programmers behind spyware represent the cleverness of hackers backed by the big business of online advertising. The lures that attract Internet users to click on the link that will download spyware are very attractive: free software, plug-ins that allow cool programs to work, quick ways to get a pop-up off the screen. All of these can result in a spyware invasion. The result is a program on your computer without your knowledge, using your computer's resources to spy on you for reasons that you are not aware of. One of the sneakiest ways to get you to download spyware is to offer it bundled with a spyware remover. Spyware Stormer is such a program.

Good Fakes, Bad Fakes

Some anti-spyware programs that contain spyware actually work to eliminate the spyware of their rivals. While it collects information about you for whatever purpose, it tries to keep problems to a minimum by getting rid of the more annoying spyware programs. This helps keep you from suspecting there is spyware on your computer and trying to combat it. If the spyware isn't malware - working to hurt you or your machine - it might not be a bad deal.

Then there's the other kind of deal. Spyware Stormer is spyware that is disguised as an anti-spyware program. Part of its success is in the large number of links that allow the program to hop onto your computer. The creators of Spyware Stormer even have a web page made to resemble Microsoft's main page with an address that will catch someone who accidentally misspells "Microsoft." Upon arrival at the page, a pop-up window warns you that you have spyware and offers to download a free scanner if you click on the window. Of course, that's how the spyware is downloaded.

Those who have been victimized by Spyware Stormer have reported that it's very difficult to uninstall. There are sites online that offer instructions on uninstalling Spyware Stormer. Only a few of them will install spyware on your computer. Fake anti-spyware programs like Spyware Stormer can steal files and information, log your keystrokes and even dial home programming to send your information. Other dialing programs will use your modem to dial premium-price phone numbers leaving you with a large phone bill. Always check out reviews of anti-spyware before choosing one. At the least, you will be sure of getting a good one.