Spyware Removers: Are They Any Good?

In a world surrounded by the Internet, computer users often worry about protecting their assets and personal information they have stored on their computers. One enemy of Internet safety is spyware, that malicious software that downloads onto your computer without your knowledge, putting your personal information and web searching history at risk. To protect your computer, you must install spyware removers, which are software programs designed to seek out and remove those harmful spyware programs. There are many spyware removers out there, and picking the right one is crucial to protecting your computer, and your family, from the dangers of spyware.


Ad-Aware is one of the most popular spyware removers on the market today. The personal edition, which is their most basic version of the program, is a free download from their website. Finding the download can be tricky, but once you do, this spyware remover is absolutely free. Ad-Aware does not block spyware in real time. You have to tell the computer program to scan for the spyware, and then tell it to delete what it finds. This program does a fair job of removing spyware, and offers users an easy to use program, which is part of the reason for its popularity in the spyware remover world.

SpyBot Search and Destroy

SpyBot Search and Destroy is another of the free spyware removers. This program has been designed by PepiMK Software. The program allows users to see the list of spyware programs it has found, and specify any that they do not want removed. It is very good at removing all spyware, and leaves few fragmented files behind, a problem that many spyware removers have. The program has some difficulty finding Trojan horse software and keyloggers.

How To Get The Best Spyware Removers

One way to make sure that your spyware removers are doing the job is to install a few different ones. Check with consumer review sites to find those that are legitimate, but when you install a couple of different spyware removers onto your computer, such as Ad-Aware and SpyBot, you receive the best of all the spyware removers you are using. You also set yourself up to be in the best possible position to remove all types of spyware from your computer.

Fake Removers

One thing you need to keep in mind when installing removers is that many spyware programs actually masquerade as spyware removers. Make sure you only work with reputable programs that have good reviews on multiple reviewer sites. This will protect you from downloading a hoax. Also, never click on an advertisement to install a spyware remover. Instead, go directly to the company's website.