Why You May Need a Spyware Removal Tool

If you use the Internet, and you must if you're reading this, you are aware of the danger of unwanted programs loading themselves on to your computer without your knowledge. Most Internet users know about the danger of clicking on programs that arrive as attachments in their email. This allows malicious software called "malware" to infect a computer for the purpose of replicating or performing other damaging actions. Some of those programs can enter an email account and mail itself to all of the contacts on the recipients list to infect their computers, too. Spyware isn't necessarily malware, although it can be.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a computer program that spies on the computer's use. It can be installed by a company to keep track of their employees' computer use or it can be downloaded by an Internet user knowingly or not, to track the user's Internet preferences. These preferences can be sent to an advertising program to target the Internet user for advertising. It can create a profile indicating whether the user may be interested in products for the home, pets or technology. A spyware removal tool should be part of every Internet user's battery of protective software. However, it's important to choose your spyware removal tool carefully. Some downloadable spyware removal tool programs contain spyware. It's easy to find a free spyware removal tool on the Internet. In most cases the removal tool will search out spyware and disable and remove it. It may also install its own spyware program while it removes the others.

Often, the spyware removal tool that installs spyware uses a program that will not harm a computer but only collect data for an advertising company. It might not call attention to itself since that would lead to removal. Other types of spyware, however, are not so quiet. A spyware program that is downloaded by a click on a link can install a toolbar or cause pop-up ads to appear in spite of firewall protection, pop-up blockers or even some spyware removal tool programs. A spyware removal tool program may have to be activated and a request for search and removal made for it to stop the pop-ups. Spyware may even be added with desired programs, as in the case of a spyware removal tool that carries spyware, and will disable the program when it is removed. The problem of spyware is everywhere and will not be solved easily.