SpywareNuker Introduction

SpywareNuker is anti-spyware software which is meant to protect a computer from spyware, and prevent a computer from downloading spyware from the internet. Spyware is often installed on a computer without the user' knowledge or consent, further more there are even instances in which the user agrees to the spyware as part of one of those long six page user agreements that one is forced to agree to before they are allowed to install certain software.

SpywareNuker was first introduced in the early 2000's and the name has been changed, sold, and returned to the original name since its conception. There are some who believe this and many other anti-spyware software programs could be considered spyware them selves. The reason for this is partly because in the user agreement the company producing SpywareNuker has included such conditions as: the user agrees to allow the company to send the user information and advertisements from other companies of which they are affiliated.

Also SpywareNuker's parent company TekBlue, also makes pop-up advertisements, spyware, and other undesirable products on the internet according to some websites available on the internet. Additionally these websites claim to have researched TekBlue only to find that they changed their name after first releasing SpywareNuker, renamed the software itself for a time, and then finally switched the name back to SpywareNuker.

This website was written by a person who downloaded the software to try it for himself or herself; this person believed that the software was a good product until they investigated the software further; upon further investigation of the files which were downloaded from the website they discovered additional files which they didn't want installed on their computer.

Some of these files were in the Microsoft registry and .dll files; .dll files are important for the function of Windows operating system. Other files which were found after the software was uninstalled from the computer were intended to connect the computer to advertising websites and allow file sharing between certain computers and the users. The person writing that particular website concluded that while SpywareNuker is not spyware, some could define it as close to spyware.

When downloading anything from the internet basing choices on other people's personal accounts, professional product reviews, and researching the product before downloading anything could really protect a user's computer and money. SpywareNuker may be terrific anti-spyware software, or maybe it spyware that one must pays money for it to be put on their computer; SpywareNuker has dozens of recommendations as well as criticisms on the internet, some may feel the software is too risky to download.