Reasons to Use SpywareGuard

SpywareGuard is an anti-spyware program from JavaCool Software; JavaCool is dedicated to providing free and easy to use software for specific applications such as spyware or viruses. JavaCool created SpywareGuard to supplement their other spyware detouring software SpywareBlaster; when these programs work together they can provide comprehensive spyware protection for a personal computer.

It's Free

SpywareGuard is free because JavaCool is a company that believes that making all computers spyware free is something all people should be able to do, and that it shouldn't cost any money. People often don't even know their computers have been infected with spyware cookies or files; when people realize they do have spyware they don't know how to get rid of the files and cookies. SpywareGuard helps users to know when they are downloading spyware.

It's Intuitive

SpywareGuard works much like anti-virus software, while the PC user is surfing the internet, downloading music or other media, and shopping online, SpywareGuard scans each site as they are visited and warns the user by a pop-up window if they are about to access something which has spyware attached to it. Additionally SpywareGuard automatically updates much like Windows, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).


SpywareGuard anti-spyware software is compatible with most average user's personal computers and browsers; the software is already compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 through XP. Also the anti-spyware software is compatible with both IE and Firefox/Mozilla browsers; though no software is completely universally compatible with other programs JavaCool asks those that download their software to report any problems that they encounter to their web based forum.


JavaCool SpywareGuard software is free and for them to continue to make free software available they do need funding, anyone who wants to contribute to their cause may find donation information at their website. For customer support there are different avenues for a person to troubleshoot problems that are occurring with their software; a frequently asked question forum, a knowledge base where known issues are listed with suggestions for resolving these issues, and JavaCool even makes software patches which help the SpywareGuard software work well with more computers.

Download SpywareGuard

There are several reasons to download SpywareGuard and virtually no risks in downloading it; the software is free, user friendly, a fast download, and will protect the computer from harmful internet files and cookies. Anti-spyware software can help to protect a persons identity as well as anti-virus software protects a personal computer from viruses; it is a wise choice to download SpywareGuard for home or school personal computers and laptops which access the internet.