The Importance of a Spyware Blocker

Spyware is the new adversary of your computer's security. Slick programmers seek out every tiny chink in the armor of your firewall, browser security and anti-virus program to find an entry for its spyware. Any click on any Internet window can download a spyware program, ready to search out your passwords and observe your Internet activities including the secure transactions. Spyware can be programmed to dismantle your firewall and lower your browser's security level. It can load up your Internet experience with ad banners, pop-ups, and toolbars and highjack your web quests to redirect them to a specific advertiser's site. Spyware can threaten your security, steal your identity and, at the very least, make your computer run slow.

Why Block?

There is no shortage of programs designed to find and remove spyware. From a programming point of view, it is easier to make software that will do that job than it is to make a reliable spyware blocker. So why not add a spyware removal program and forget about trying to block it? Today's spyware is very clever. It is not only able to find extremely sneaky ways to install itself on your computer without your knowledge or permission, it can find ways to insinuate itself into your machine. Some spyware works in pairs. When the working program is located and eliminated, the other one takes its place. Some spyware is able to detect efforts to eliminate it and allow parts of its program to be destroyed. Once the anti-virus software registers the destruction as a kill and stops looking for the spyware, it recreates the portion of its program that it sacrificed.

Very cleverly designed spyware will hide itself inside the processes necessary for the computer to work. They are invisible to almost all anti-virus programs and can even be started from safe mode. A dependable spyware blocker is the first line of defense against these sneaky software attacks. A spyware blocker works by comparing new downloads to known spyware and, as its names implies, blocking it from entering the computer. When this works, it not only avoids the need to seek out the programs and erase them, it also prevents the spyware from damaging the computer or stealing information.

It does no good to destroy a program after it has sent your banking information and credit card numbers to its maker. A good spyware blocker has to be kept updated with the newest types of spyware. Before you choose your spyware blocker, do some research to find out which one is the best and which ones also will carry the newest spyware.