Microsoft Anti-Spyware is Free for Licensed Subscribers

Most of us at one time or another has experienced a computer slow down. When you are surfing the web the pages seem like they are loading at an extremely low speed. Chances are that you have spyware installed on your computer. Microsoft has developed an anti-spyware program that is free to use if you are a licensed subscriber. It is highly recommended that you run a spyware scan to see whether or not your computer is being affected. Microsoft has named their anti spyware program the Spyware Defender, a name that is fitting. You will feel better and so will your computer when you destroy all of the spyware programs that are installed on your computer. Personal computers are the most likely to become infected, due to the fact that so much downloading of freeware and share ware is downloaded from your home computer.

Why Is Spyware So Harmful?

Once installed, spyware can cause you some major problems. All of your personal information is available for the taking. What this means is every bit of information that is entered into your computer is stored and reported to others. So an innocent purchase online will instantly allow your credit card number to be stolen. This will also include your name and address to. What about the emails you send to friends and family? These can also be seen by others. All of the passwords you enter are also susceptible to being stolen. With this information someone could easily make you a victim of identity theft. Microsoft has developed an anti spyware program that will put a stop to all of these problems, and that will put your mind at ease.

Where Do I Find Microsoft's Anti Spyware Remover?

You can easily locate the anti spyware on the Microsoft website. You will also find reviews from others who have downloaded the anti spyware by Microsoft and see exactly what they think about it, how well it worked for them. They even have a 5 star rating program. The anti spyware is available for free download on the Microsoft website. There are also many other companies that offer free or low cost spyware killing software. You can search for these on any search engine and come up for a number of results. You should try and figure out which will work best for you and use it on a regular basis to keep your computer running at its best.