How to Detect Spyware On a Personal Computer

Most of the time a person doesn't even know that spyware has infected their computer, but strange things may begin to happen that cause them to suspect something could be amiss. Some examples of these would be: random tool bars appearing on browsers, icons on the desktop, bookmarks in favorites (which the user didn't save), the computer running slow, and if the computer crashes.

The Logical Solution

The only way to detect spyware on a personal computer is to scan the computers files and cookies with spyware removal, spyware prevention or other anti-spyware software; the software should scan any drives the user selects and give options as to how to deal with the spyware. Either the computer is scanned by anti-virus or other anti-spyware software, often over the internet; the software scans all the files then detects spyware, and lets the user know where the files are located.

How to Fix it

The user must purchase or download spyware removal software to actually delete the detected spyware from their computer, but if the user doesn't remove the software it can cause their computer to run extremely slow or even crash. When a computer crashes it can loose important work that hasn't been saved; also the spyware on a computer can lead to identity theft as the some forms of spyware record browsing, personal information, and credit card numbers.

The best detecting spyware software will also prevent future infections from taking place; most internet service providers and new computers are equipped with some kind of anti-virus and anti-spyware software. The free software that is standard on a personal computer or with internet access may not be as comprehensive as a free or paid service download of spyware detection and prevention software.

Time is Valuable

For many people the effectiveness of the scan is the most important factor of the spyware detection software, however the speed at which it scans is also important; waiting ten or more minutes for a computer to complete its spyware detection scan can be a daunting task and tedious. Much of the better spyware detection software strives for a download time of five minutes or less; many are between three and five minutes.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Spyware protection is important for every personal computer owner; spyware is dangerous and bothersome for the average user, with terrific and comprehensive software available there is no reason any computer should be a breeding ground for internet parasites.

There are so many sources for contracting internet spyware that the only logical thing for a knowledgeable computer user to do is to download and install spyware detection and prevention software for every computer they use. Many programs are free, most are very easy to use, and it is hard to put a price on something that brings so much security to a person.