The AVG Anti Spyware Trend

Spyware is an insidious type of software that downloads and installs itself onto your computer without your knowledge or permission. Unlike malware, its intentions may not be to damage your computer. It can be intended to observe Internet use and profile the user's shopping preferences so that selling can be tailored to fit. It can also be intended to steal information about credit card numbers and secure passwords and transmit it to the programmer who planted it on your computer. Because of spyware is intricate and varied methods of becoming downloaded, hiding on the computer and protecting itself from elimination, many top anti-virus software packages did not try to work as anti-spyware programs. Those that did concentrated their efforts on finding the spyware and destroying it. Programs like AVG anti spyware have taken a different route.

Spyware is a Necessity

It is not only the programming that makes eliminating spyware difficult. Some free programs include spyware that is not malicious or destructive. The spyware generates advertising income to cover the cost of the free programs. Often, when that spyware is found and eliminated, the program that was deliberately downloaded and used is eliminated as well. This causes disgruntled users who don't mind putting up with the spyware in return for the use of the free programs. In addition, some companies that provide spyware have sued anti-virus program companies for labeling their software as spyware.

Comparatively few anti-virus programs have anti-spyware abilities. Most anti-spyware software follows the model of the AVG anti spyware program which only seeks out spyware. Even the anti-virus software that includes the ability to destroy spyware keeps the two aspects separate. The difficulty in finding and destroying spyware presents another problem. The only way to be sure that your computer is not infected with spyware is to use a good blocker. The AVG anti spyware model includes "real time" spyware protection. This is another term for spyware blocker. The AVG anti spyware blocker works like nearly all blockers. It is programmed to recognize components of current spyware programming.

As software is downloaded, it is compared to the known components. Any program that is recognized is denied entry to the computer. Since the wily spyware programmers are aware of this, they attempt to find unknown components that will work. The AVG anti spyware model includes automatic updates to stay current with the latest spyware. The AVG anti spyware type of spyware fighter is working.