Comparing Solar Power Versus Generator Reveals Savings

For persons living outside the typical electrical grid, using a generator for electrical power means listening to the engine run 24-hours a day and seeing a lot of wasted energy when power usage is low. When they look at solar power versus generator power they begin to see the benefits of the high initial investment in terms of savings on fuel and reduced pollutants.

When using a generator for power, the device will run regardless of the amount of power being used. Typically, in the evening a residence will use less power but the generator will continue to run and the owner will continue to monitor the fuel level to make sure it does not run out. Looking at solar power versus generator power, there are some distinct advantages in addition to the saving on the price of fuel to operate the generator.

Comparing pollution control, there is no comparing solar power versus generator power and for many requiring an alternative power source, this is a major point. Additionally, a generator, regardless of how well the engine is muffled, will be a constant source of noise pollution. When it comes to noise, solar power versus generator noise offers to comparison since solar power only produces the same amount of noise as the sun.

Initial Cost Worth The Investment

Many may have initially went with a generator due to the cost of installation of a solar power system. Yet when looking at the amount spent on fuel, gasoline or diesel, comparing solar power versus generator costs, the investment will pay itself back in short order, considering the ever-increasing price of fuel. Add to that the amount of time each day or week spent making sure the generator does not run out of fuel, and additional savings can be realized.

One of the disadvantages that may be seen when comparing solar power versus generator power is the need for sunshine on a regular basis. While the system will operate through charged batteries, if the sun is not present for several straight days, the batteries may go dead. This is when a hybrid system may come in handy, in which the generator automatically comes on if solar power is not available.

The amount of sunshine your area receives, the cost of fuel and the availability of equipment large enough to operate your household are all things to consider when comparing solar power versus generator usage.