Solar Power Plants: Imagine Free Electricity

Your electric company allows you to power all the electronics in your house. Many of these things you see as a necessity. For instance, try to make it one day without electricity. How would you wake up in the morning without an alarm clock?

How would you cook your food without a stove, or keep your perishables fresh if you had no refrigerator? How would you take a warm shower and, for that matter, how would you even get water as you know it into your house in the first place? All of this takes electricity and your electric company charges you every penny for it.

Solar Power Plants

Imagine if every house on your block, or in your city, or state, or country, was powered by solar power. Imagine if power was free because it came from the natural rays of the sun. That's what would happen if every house and business was powered by a solar power plant. Solar power plants take power from the sun and deliver to houses and businesses and any other building or item that needs electricity, and it's all received from the natural rays of the sun.

With solar power plants, we wouldn't need to have to pay an electric company hundreds of dollars a month for electricity. The need to cook and to have fresh food and to feel comfortable, these are given rights that we shouldn't have to pay for. That's why everyone should push to have solar power plants installed in their area.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do is write your Congressman or woman and say in the letter that you're tired of paying for electricity. You don't feel that you should have to pay for something that you can glean from something we get naturally: the sun's rays. Why should you give a large chunk of your paycheck to a company that provides something that you could get free otherwise? Let them know how you feel.

The sun rises every day and that's power that could be powering all the necessities in your home. Make the letter professional and don't write just one. In fact, fill their in-box. That will ensure that you'll be noticed.

Solar power plants installed everywhere may be the stuff of science fiction now but it's coming, it's only a matter of time. You can still do your part, however, to see that it happens sooner rather than later.