A Few Inexpensive Solar Power Ideas to Save Money and Stay Warm at The Same Time

Finding relief from high cost energy consumption is something that most people would find appealing, and if one were able to find an inexpensive solar power source, chances are that it would be grabbed without any second thoughts. The need for inexpensive solar power is great and is not constrained to just the developed world, but has many takers in far flung corners of the earth.

Allow Enough Sunlight Into The Home

So, how does one find a cheap and inexpensive solar power means? In the cold of the winter, allowing enough sunlight into the home is perhaps the most inexpensive method of conserving energy and reducing high energy bills. It should be done after ensuring that there is no possibility of a draft that would make the heat dissipate, and thus cracks and crevices around windows should be weather stripped.

Another inexpensive solar power means is to create a simple windbreak on the north side of the home that should help in increasing the heating capabilities of the home as well as conserves solar heating. Most of the times, it is from the north that cold winter winds enter a home and a simple windbreak will make for more efficient solar heating of the home.

One may even consider the rather messy concrete planter ring as an alternative inexpensive solar power means, which in spite of its messiness, is not hard to work with. In the summer, one can construct a planter ring around the home's entire perimeter, which will make the home a lot more energy friendly besides adding to the general appeal of the building. During winters, the planter rings will eliminate the possibility of drafts as well as soak up heat from the sun.

One can also find another inexpensive solar power source through heating mulch from an outbuilding. In an unheated outbuilding, one can get solar power from harnessing the power of a mulch pile as mulch, when it decomposes, will raise temperatures to above 100 degrees, which by inserting pipes into the mulch, can pull natural heat into the home.

The World Wide Web is a great place to source inexpensive solar power means as there are plenty of designs that can be used to save on high electricity and gas bills, especially during the winter. Using simple inexpensive solar power ideas one should reduce the amount one has to pay for staying warm, and also gain comfort from the fact that one is contributing positively towards keeping the environment clean.