A DIY Solar Power Project is Simple to Perform and Economical as Well

Solar power is a cost effective, efficient as well as an environmental friendly source of energy that is sure to reduce high energy bills. Diy solar power is an option that may have its origins in the late 70s when the world went through its first energy crisis when oil prices shot and led countries that were heavily dependent on oil to look for alternative sources for energy.

Germany Uses Alternate Energy Sources Including Solar Power

The United States, contrary to expectations, does not lead the way in solar power and it is left to countries such as Germany that use alternative energy sources including solar power to fulfill their energy requirements. With each hike in oil prices the energy crisis deepens not only in the Western world, but in all non-oil producing countries as well.

Nevertheless, with solar power energy technology readily available in the United States, there is much to say for a Diy solar power installation in private homes as well. The task of installing and building solar platforms is not complicated and anyone with basic knowledge about construction can make a Diy solar power unit for him or herself.

While a Diy solar power system is not difficult to construct, one need to choose between a passive and active solar power system. The active solar power makes use of panels to make electricity for the purpose of heating, and may require a contractor to install the system. Another incentive for using active solar power is that state and federal governments in the US provide massive rebates to those who use active solar power systems, and is one more compelling reason why one can think of it for a Diy solar power project.

The passive solar power system is also easy and makes for a good Diy solar power project, though one will not be able to avail of any rebates with this particular type. Such a Diy solar power project will allow a home owner to orient his or her home to take advantage of plentiful sunlight, especially on the south side of the home, and thus provides heating to thermal mass materials like masonry that will circulate the heat into the home.

The beauty of a Diy solar power project is that it does not require any special knowledge and simple home improvement construction knowledge should suffice to put such a project to work. One only needs to get the orientation of the home, placing of windows as well as selecting the right materials correct to be successful with a Diy solar power project. Besides its simplicity, it also saves a lot of money.