Combination Solar Wind Power Keeps Generation Steady

Finding alternative sources for power generation is on everyone's mind and with the cost of using fossil fuels continuing to climb other forms of power is growing in popularity. While some parts of the country have an abundance of sunshine and others never lack for wind, a combination solar wind power generation systems are becoming more useful.

Depending on which part of the country in which you live, solar panels can be used for the efficient generation of electrical power. In other parts of the country, wind power can be used on a regular basis, but when the winds do not blow and the sun does not shine, electricity may be scarce. A combination solar wind power generation system may be an alternative that can work where you live.

Either method uses batteries to store the power generated, and the use of a power inverter can provide as much as 240 volts of power to your residence. When the batteries are fully charged, the charging system automatically shuts off, but when the charge in the batteries is depleted to a pre-set voltage, the charger turns back on, keeping the batteries with enough power from the combination solar wind power grid.

Hybrid System Use Continues To Grow

While both systems send generated power to the charging unit, they both may not run at the same time due to weather conditions. Some places in the United States such as Kitty Hawk, North Carolina have strong winds throughout the entire year. That's why the Wright brothers chose it to test their airplane. Using a combination solar wind power system would be more useful in places where the wind does not blow everyday.

Residents in the extreme northern part of North America may find a combination solar wind power system beneficial, especially in places with only six months of daylight. During the dark part of their year, they could not generate electricity without a combination solar wind power system.

Residences where electrical use is virtually non-existent after dark could probably store enough power generated during the day for nighttime use. However, if the charge in the batter diminishes after dark, a combination solar wind power unit would switch to wind power and keep the batteries adequately charged.

By using a combination solar wind power generating system, the need for gas or diesel generators is removed and even those living in the remote corners of the world can have their own source of electrical power without the need of fossil fuel.