Characteristics Of A Quality Victorian Sofa

Available to the consumer today are a broad range of choices that can capture that ideal decorative look for the home. Some of these styles include a Spanish or contemporary look, French provincial, early American, etc.

Another graceful and elegant style of furnishing that is popular is from the Victorian age. The Victorian age represents the British Empire at the height of their power and reflects the years from 1837 to 1901 during Queen Victoria's reign.

One of the important pieces of furniture associated with this timeless era was the Victorian sofa. The Victorian sofa is characterized by its beautiful frame and floral patterns.

Why Victorian Furniture

There are many reasons why individuals choose to purchase a Victorian sofa. Some individuals choose the finely crafted sofa because it is a representation of a gentler and simpler era. Others simply choose to furnish their home with Victorian style furnishings because of the elegance that the furnishings exude.

Also, there are some individuals who choose this decorative theme as it brings back childhood memories. Perhaps a grandparent or parent is remembered fondly when the individual is seated on a Victorian sofa.

Beautiful Frame

The wooden frame of the Victorian sofa can be constructed from a variety of woods. Some of the more popular types of woods include mahogany, oak and beechwood. Typically the wood used to construct the Victorian sofa is characterized by detailed symbols crafted into the wooden frame. These symbols can be reflections of nature such as nuts, fruits, foliage or flowers.

Interestingly, the flowers that adorned the Victorian sofas had special significance. Each of the various flowers that were depicted on the original sofas had specific meanings that served to communicate specific messages to others.

In addition, the legs of the Victorian sofa are also detailed with various representations. Typically, the legs of the sofa are elegantly curved and take on the appearance of an S.

Probably the most distinctive feature of the Victorian couch is the medallion back. This unique characteristic of the Victorian sofa is central to the construction of the Victorian sofa.


The Victorian sofa is a fluid combination of a finely crafted wood frame and fabric. In keeping with the Victorian theme, there are many cloths that can be used to manufacture the Victorian sofa. Examples of these materials include tapestries, velvets or a raised silky fabric that depicts various patterns.

This fabric is placed over padding that will provide seating comfort. Generally, a broad variety of fabric colors are available.