What's In A Sofa Cushion?

As an average person you may have never given much thought as to what is in your sofa cushion. In addition, you may have never really thought about how durable your sofa cushion is. This is normal as most of us simply buy the furniture that we like or can afford, or we even get hand me down pieces from friends and family members. The problem with buying or acquiring a sofa in this way is that you often will not get all that you could out of each sofa cushion as well as the entire sofa. If you think about what is in each sofa cushion when you buy or acquire a sofa you can make a better decision. Thinking about the cushion is important because when the cushions on your sofa don't look good the whole room can not look as great as you want it to.

Check Out The Sofa Cushion Filling

We all know that almost every sofa cushion has a zipper on them somewhere. When you are shopping around you should unzip that cushion just a bit and see if the fill material is high quality. It's a good idea to squeeze the filling and see if it has any bounce back ability. This will give you an idea if the filling will bounce back after you sit on it. If the couch seems to be lacking in filling you might want to pass and if the filling does seem to be all that resilient you may want to pass on that one, too.

Many stores will actually allow you to see the filling of the sofa cushion in mass quantities so you can get a true feel of what is in the cushion and how well it will hold up over time. If the sales people cannot give you information about the sofa cushion you might want to shop elsewhere or ask for someone else with more experience. Every sofa should have a lifespan of seven years, this means that your sofa cushion should last seven years. When checking out the filling and the resiliency of the cushion filling you should think about whether or not you think that your cushions will still look great seven years from now. Think not? Pass it up.

Sure, this way of shopping takes more time but it is worth it. You don't want a sofa cushion that is going to begin sagging after a week, month, or even a year. A high quality sofa cushion really does make the couch so make it your business to know what is inside.