Tips In Buying A Sofa Chair

When you wish to buy a new sofa chair, the hundreds of choices you will find in furniture stores and online shops will probably overwhelm you. However, you can easily narrow down your choices by understanding your choices.

For instance, you need to weight the pros and cons of choosing fabric or leather. Then, you should understand the different types of fillings available to arrive at an appropriate decision. Be aware that these two factors are very important to ensure you are buying a sofa chair that would last, provide comfort and offer stability.

Weighing The Pros And Cons - Fabric Or Leather?

A sofa chair with a fabric finish allows you to have a wider variety of color options. Most fabrics used for sofa chairs are tested for durability. You could choose micro-fiber upholstery that allows you to wipe dirt using only a damp cloth. This type of fabric is ideal for a household with children or pets. However, you could also choose loose fabric covers for your sofa chair so you can easily remove them for washing.

When speaking of leather sofa chairs, many people think that these types of seating furniture are very expensive. Fortunately, there are now affordable leather sofas available due to modern techniques. While you can always go for a plain leather sofa to achieve a modern feel, you can also add accents to your leather chair. The durability of a leather sofa chair depends largely on the process of dyeing, type of finish used and technology used to produce the sofa.

Different Types Of Fillings

Although filling can sometimes be the last thing people consider in choosing a sofa chair, this factor is one of the most important things to think about. Be aware that the filling you choose for your chair will provide a different feel, comfort level and maintenance requirement.

Sofa chairs with foam usually feel sturdy and firm. To make your sofa last longer, all you need to do is turn your cushions regularly to ensure even wearing. Fiber fillings provide a softer feel and look. Both foam and fiber fillings will lose volume over the years, but expect a slower rate compared to other fillings.

If you want a more casual look, while giving you a comfortable feel, a feather-filled sofa chair is perfect for you. With this kind of upholstery, you will always find yourself curling up on the chair. However, you need to shake up the cushions daily to keep it from flattening.

Choosing the type of sofa chair depends on your personal taste, lifestyle, home environment and other factors. Be reminded that whatever type of chair you choose, you need to look after them by vacuuming, cleaning or asking for professional cleaning service to ensure it would last for years.