Possible Locations Of An Office Sofa

It can be argued that an office sofa does not play a direct role in the productivity of a business nor does it affect the company's bottom line. However, it can be argued that an office sofa can have an indirect influence on the dynamics of the workplace. These dynamics may not only affect the perception of customers and future customers, but on the staff as well. These dynamics are further complemented when the office sofa is situated in specific areas.

Just as location is important in real estate so is the location of where an office sofa will be situated. Some of the typical locations for a sofa would be the CEO's office, the lobby or in the staff lounge.

CEO's Office

The CEO's office is the hub where critical decisions are made that affect the current status of the company and future successes. That is why an office sofa located within the CEO's office should be one that represents authority, durability, classic stylishness and yet warmth.

Such an example of a CEO's couch would be an office sofa that is constructed of leather. A leather couch, both practically and symbolically, represents durability, classic designs, warmth and the feel of authority.

When existing or new customers enter into an office that is furnished with an office sofa made of leather, the perception will be one of meeting with a successful business person. In addition, formal meetings held in the bosses' office with staff may enhance the team's synergy and yet maintain a professional decorum which is required to conduct a successful business.

The Lobby

Another critical area of the company that may benefit from the location of an office sofa is the lobby. The lobby is the focal point of any business in which customers, business associates, staff, shareholders, etc. receive their first impression of the business.

There are a number of styles of office sofas that can be placed in the lobby to reflect the attitude and thinking of the progressive business. For example, if the company wishes to reflect their foreword and cutting edge philosophy, then the placing of a modern contemporary office sofa in the lobby may be indicated. Or, if the company wishes to reflect their conservative and successful history, then perhaps the choice of a leather office sofa may contribute to that image effectively.

Staff Lounge

The success of any business is contingent on a dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working staff. Therefore, the business may wish to provide amenities to the staff. These amenities may practically demonstrate the company's appreciation and acknowledge the staff's value.

One of these amenities could be the placing of an office sofa in the staff lounge. This particular office sofa could provide a comfortable resting place for personnel to put their feet up and relax.

Suggestions for this type of sofa could be one that is not too soft or too firm. Also, an office sofa that is easy on the eyes and is made of a fabric that is very durable and resists stains.