The Company Behind The IKEA Sofa

If looking for a unique shopping experience, in regards to meeting your home furnishing decorative needs, you may wish to explore the distinctiveness of IKEA. This uniqueness is demonstrated in the way the company conducts business, the home furnishing products they offer and one IKEA sofa in particular.

The IKEA Company

IKEA is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and selling of products that are designed to be used in the home. IKEA originated in Sweden and was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. However, IKEA is a Dutch registered company and has its corporate offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

The success of the IKEA Company is through a franchise concept. Franchises of IKEA have been granted to hundreds of stores. The stores are located in over 34 countries. The financial success of this franchise operation is due to the innovative products that are sold within the store as well as the requirement that a 3% royalty be submitted to the corporation by the franchises.

Product Difference Of IKEA

The success of the IKEA Company is built on the unique concept of being a one stop shopping location. This means that you find an extensive array of furniture to furnish your home.

However, along with their various furniture lines are products that range from equipping the kitchen, purchasing of toys, plants, etc. This concept of complete home furnishings in one store speaks to convenience for the customer as well as providing seamless decorative insight for the home decorator.

In addition, to offering a vast line of home furnishing products, the IKEA Corporation also offers a broad, but an uncomplicated line of tasteful products. These products appeal to the tastes of the customer who could be classified as the middle-of-the-road consumer in regards to meeting their home decoration tastes. Also, these products that are offered, meet the expectations of their customers in that they are classically simple and yet very durable.


The IKEA Company is also noted for the line of furniture that they offer. A popular product is the IKEA sofa known as the Klippan. This IKEA sofa takes its name, Klippan, from a city in Sweden with the same name. Klippan, in Swedish, literally means "the rock."

This particular IKEA sofa was first marketed in 1980 and has subsequently built on its historical performance and popularity to those who have made it part of their home. The Klippan's design is a simple two-seat sofa that can be interchanged with a number of covers. This interchanging of covers allows for the look of the home to remain fresh. In addition, the company offers a new design for this IKEA sofa on a yearly basis.

Also, in addition to the design and comfort of the Klippan, is the manufacturing of the IKEA sofa. This sofa has tested well in regards to safety. Specifically, the IKEA sofa was utilized as the fire retardant standard when testing other sofas in determining fire safety requirements.