Benefits Of A Flip Open Sofa

When you have kids, you have probably discovered that sharing the same couch with a 2-year old means your couch will last for only a few weeks due to scratches, spills, dirt and other traces of a child's ruggedness. If you're tired of cleaning, re-upholstering, vacuuming and washing away spills, the most practical way is to get your kids their own sofa.

Choosing a sofa for your kid is easy because you can immediately see different designs of flip-open sofas once you enter certain toy stores, furniture shops and other boutiques. A flip-open sofa looks like an ordinary sofa with the exception that it can easily be transformed into a kid's bed just by "flipping it open".

Reasons Why Kids Love A Flip Open Sofa

First of all, buying your kids with their own miniature sofa allows them to keep away from your newly upholstered leather or vinyl couch. Since they will be spending their time watching TV, reading and entertaining friends on their own flip open sofa, expect the sofa to be dirty in a few days. Fortunately, most flip-open sofas are designed with cotton or polyester slipcovers that you can remove easily for a weekly wash.

When your kid loves to host slumber parties, his or her sofa is ideal for sleepovers because it opens up into a comfortable, little bed that could fit two or three children. You never have to let your kids sleep on the floor during sleepovers.

After a day of watching TV, your kid usually falls asleep in front of the television. With a flip-open sofa, you can easily transform the couch into his or her bed and you won't have to interrupt your child's sleep. These children's sofa allows your kids to have an option of lying down or sitting while reading, lounging or watching television.

Although flip open sofas are designed only with comfortable cushions without springs or frames, you can still personalize the sofas and choose your kids' favorite cartoon character or designs. Some of the most popular flip-open sofas in the market include SpongeBob Squarepants, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer and other licensed characters.

Buying your child his or her own furniture allows them to feel responsible for taking care of their property. Because of this, not only are you training your child to look out for their valuables, you are also instilling them with a sense of responsibility. Combining functionality, fun and responsibility, expect your child to love their brand new sofa that they could call their own.