How To Remove Stains On Your Black Leather Sofa

A black leather sofa is one of the classiest furniture one could ever own. However, even with its elegant look, your leather sofa (regardless of color) can still attract dirt, occasional spills and drips, natural wearing or other uncontrollable factors that could lead damages to your furniture. For this reason, taking care of your leather sofa should be included in your home maintenance routines.

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning a black leather sofa with regular moisturizing soap. On a soft cloth, lather the soap and wash the sofa in order to remove grime or dirt. However, you should avoid over-wetting your leather sofa. Regular moisturizing keeps your leather conditioned.

Although nourishing your black leather sofa may sound ridiculous, this is an important part of making your leather last longer. To do this, you need to mix two parts of linseed oil with one part of white vinegar. By using a soft cloth, apply the mixture gently and evenly. Apply the mixture in a circular motion in order to cover the surface completely. Let the mixture sit for approximately 10 minutes and then polish your sofa with a soft cloth to produce a shine to your leather.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Maintaining A Black Leather Sofa

One of the benefits of having a black leather sofa is that it is not prone to stains due to water-based liquids. When spills occur, make sure to remove all the liquid as much as possible by using a soft cloth or paper towel. Let the leather air-dry on its own.

A common mistake in cleaning grease or butter stains on a black leather sofa is using water to clean it. This is a wrong move because you will only make the stain worse. Instead, you should blot at the spilled area until the paper towel or cloth becomes dry. Most leather sofas can cure itself after a day and make oils unnoticeable. However, when the oil stains are still visible, it is best to use some sort of leather cleaner.

While a black leather sofa can keep ink stains unnoticed, natural wearing of your sofa can cause the leather's color to fade and reveal these ink stains. To remove unwanted stains from any type of ink, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and rub it all over the stained area. Do not dry it with paper or cloth. Instead, use a blow dryer to see if you removed the stains. If not, try an acetone-free polish remover on a soft cloth.

Once the ink stains are gone, make sure you use a leather conditioner to help restore any moisture lost from your leather during the cleaning process. With any type of spills and drips, you should use a leather cleaner or conditioner to ensure your black leather sofa will endure any kind of abuse and last longer.