Some Down to Earth Skin Care Tips

The materialism of today has prompted people to spend more and more money on consumer items. We live in an era where our worth is measured mostly by what we have, rather than by what we actually are. Hence, it is of no surprise that people today tend to prefer to buy an item rather than use a home-made alternative, in the belief that the bought item (the more expensive the better) would be better than the home made one.

You Can Take Care of Your Skin Without Stepping Into a Cosmetic Store Again

Our ancestors knew and used a good deal of kitchen-shelf ingredients as beauty aids. They also knew the importance of massages, oil baths, steam baths, hot water baths, cold water baths, beauty sleep, proper diet and the impact different foods had on our bodies, as well as some exceptionally potent skin care tips. At the time humans were more in touch and in tune with the Nature. There was a deep understanding, an exceptionally potent symbiosis between the Nature and human beings.

Unfortunately, the recent past has seen humans distancing themselves from Nature, and thereby suffering great losses. Today, there are more unexplained and incurable diseases than ever before and longevity is falling fast due to heart ailments and other man-induced diseases, stress and pollution created havoc in the physiology of man in general.

It is time to get back to Nature and recognize its awesome powers. It is time to reconnect, before we move into self-destruction. Let us take a look at some quick skin care tips that anyone can enjoy, anytime, anywhere.

A great skin care tips is how to make your own exfoliator at home (and save some hundreds of dollars) - you will need to mix a little olive oil with sea salt or plain sugar and voila! You have a great exfoliator in your hands. Go ahead and try it - see the difference in minutes.

Is your skin perpetually dry? Try this skin care tip - skim off the cream from the milk after you boil it and keep it in the fridge in a separate bowl. Let it cool down, and then mix it with a few drops of rose water and rub it on your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes and you will not believe the feel or look of your skin. This skin care tips is great for reversing suntan effects on your face (especially nose sun burns) as well.

If your hands and heels in particular get too dry and rough, use a few drops of glycerin added to rose water and a dash of lemon. Apply generously on the heels at night and wear socks for a week or so. You will never have problems with dry skin again.