A Little Proactive Skin Care Can Give You the Most Glorious Skin Ever

Have you heard of the saying, "A stitch in time saves nine"? Well this is what a little proactive skin care can do for you. Save those nine stitches and the trouble you will undertake to get them done. Take note of the advice given in this article. It may change the way you look forever.

Aging Starts as Early as When You Exit Your Twenties

There are many factors that can play havoc with your skin, your face, your hair, the way you look in general. Learn to keep one step ahead of all these 'could-bes' by taking a few proactive skin care steps.

If you are pregnant, visit a dermatologist and find out first hand what could be the outcome of the sudden surge of hormones in your blood, on your skin - especially on the face. There are possibilities of getting dark spots/patches on the face, sudden dryness, pimples, and many other such fall outs.

The proactive skin care tips here would dictate that you counter these problems as per the doctor's advice. You should also take Vitamin C (and use Vitamin C products to lighten the skin) which will control these developments.

Add calcium to your vitamin supplements as soon as you cross 30 years of age, more so if you are a woman. Women tend to rapidly loose calcium with age, resulting in a number of avoidable problems.

Start a regular exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation makes for a very important aspect of proactive skin care with particular emphasis on the reversal of aging effects. You will need to apply treatments containing AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) to have your skin maintain its glow and elasticity - especially around the mouth, eyes and forehead.

A very important proactive skin care tip is to avoid as much as possible to use strong chemicals on the face. Though the promotion advertisements would sell it as a great benefit for your skin, in reality for every good thing it does for your skin, it robs it of two vital things. It is better to use organic skin care products, and if possible even better to use home made alternatives. There is a homemade remedy for each and every skin care aspect there is; try to research on this to know more.

Never start smoking; if you did, quit it. Smoking is one of the most harmful agents for the skin, not to mention your lungs, your heart, your digestion, your bowel movements, and so on. It has been observed that smoking makes the skin look unhealthy, gray and lifeless. This is because the smoke sucks away the major part of the oxygen from the blood, leaving the skin starved for it. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy skin.