Can You Control Cellulite With Natural Skin Care?

One of the most popular myths is that cellulite is a rare occurrence among women. Actually, this belief is fuelled by the fact that women are always depicted with perfect skin and toned bodies in advertisements and movies.

It is difficult to imagine the imperfection of cellulite marring the beauty of all these women, and therefore the general belief remains that cellulite might be a rare occurrence - unfortunately you are one of the few affected people. The good news is that you can control it with just a few simple steps of natural skin care.

What Cellulite is and how it can be Controlled

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of women have cellulite. You will know you have it when the skin on your thighs or upper arms looks like an orange skin, with a lot of tiny dimples on it. These dimples indicate the existence of a fat layer just under the skin, which presses against the skin causing it to look dimpled.

Today, there are a lot of cosmetics and procedures which are effective in treating this problem, i.e. chemical creams which melt the fat layer, mesotherapy which involves reducing the fat layer with the help of drugs injected directly under the skin, and liposuction where the fat is removed with the help of vacuum suction. There is also natural skin care, which can solve most of your problems.

The best remedy however, is through some simple natural skin care measures that can be undertaken by anyone with the least of effort, not to mention cost. Nutrition has always been known to impact natural skin care. Shift the focus of your diet from high-fat content to vegetables (preferably raw), salads, lean meat (if you cannot leave it altogether), chicken, fish, low fat cheese, lots of curds and eggs. Avoid as much as possible noodles, pasta, and bread.

Intake of water is one of the most neglected features of natural skin care. It is reported that only drinking 8-10 glasses of water can improve your looks drastically taking up to 10 years off your face. However, the best of us drink about 3-4 glasses a day. Besides staying hydrated by drinking as much water as possible, you will need to moisturize and protect your skin with the help of an adequate topical moisturizer.

The cellulite-removing massage is a specialized skill which is exceedingly effective in removing, controlling and preventing cellulite formation. The massage technique is easy to learn and practice.

Introduce exercise in your daily routine. Yoga has been excellent for reducing and controlling cellulite. These exercises could be done anytime during the day for as little as 10-15 minutes at a time, with amazing results. Thus, take care of yourself, and you are sure to have beautiful skin.