Natural Skin Care Oil Basics

Natural oils are a rich and healthy source of hormones, vitamins, and other natural elements that can greatly benefit the skin. Because of their rich vitamin content, they have been steadily gaining popularity as skin emollients. Natural skin care oil is commonly found in plants are responsible for the fragrance and flavor of fruits, flowers, herbs and spices. They are expressed from natural ingredients for distillation which gives natural skin care oil higher concentration, which combined with other ingredients to decrease concentration make for an ideal skin care lubricant.

How Natural Skin Care Oil Works

Natural oils are divided into essential oils and carriers or base oils; both are used as important components in the production of natural skin care oil. Some popular carriers or base oils like almond, sunflower, olive, and walnut oils are used in high concentration and can be applied directly to the skin to nourish, soften and protect skin. Natural skin care oil easily penetrates cell walls to deliver essential vitamins, oxygen and nutrients to stimulate cell metabolism and regeneration process and prevent deterioration, infections and other skin diseases. Many natural skin care oil also contain anti-bacterial properties that may help reduce infections and swelling in sensitive or damaged skin.

Natural Skin Care Oil Uses

More and more people are starting to realize the benefits, uses and flexibility of natural skin care oil over creams and ointments. Sunflower, almond and olive oil are ideal skin cleansers that lift off dirt to remove residues and impurities that accumulate on the skin. Oils rich in fatty acids like sage, lemon and cypress are ideal moisturizers to prevent dryness and help restore balance. Lavender, tea tree and basil oil have anti-bacterial properties that work well on acne-prone skill that lessen redness and inflammation and prevent breakouts. Natural skin care oil from sage, palmarosa and carrot seed have soothing and nutritive properties and are proven effective to prevent wrinkles.

A Great Addition

People who may be doubtful about the effects natural skin care oil may have on their skin may try adding a few drops to their favorite skin care products. A few drops of Jojoba oil may be added to creams and lotions to provide added moisture to the skin; lemon oil to cellulite cream to better fight unsightly cellulite; while patchouli to facial creams to minimize scar appearance. Knowing what natural skin care oil can do will help users develop their own skin care products simply by adding a few drops to their favorite skin care product for better results.