Man Skin Care: The Myths and Truths

The normal belief out there is that men do not care for their skin, and would never be inclined to do anything special to improve their skin, because they would not care less about how they looked. There are many other beliefs regarding men skin care, and this article endeavors to throw a light upon some of the most common of them.

Men Skin Care Myth #1

For a man to be macho, he should be as natural as ever, and never ever bother about his skin. The more rugged the looks, the more attractive he would be to women. The truth is that a man can still be as macho as can be, and totally careful about the way he comes across.

A clean-shaven man with no body hair can be as appealing if not more, than a man with a hairy body. Can you imagine Tarzan any other way than waxed and tanned, or would you have considered a hairy unkempt caveman in his stead, as a more "macho" alternative?

Men Skin Care Myth #2

Men do not care about their skin; those who do and/or use cosmetics have some effeminate traits in them. This is why no man worth his salt would be caught dead with any cosmetics on him. The truth is that men do care about the way they look. Men are no longer cowboys and cavemen.

The modern man of today is suave, presentable, and very concerned about the way he comes across. This trend is reflected in the sudden increase of skin-care articles that pepper men's magazines today, and the spurt of facials and man skin care treatments offered by men's beauty salons (yes, you heard me right, men's beauty salons).

Men Skin Care Myth #3

The men who did adopt some basic skin care use cosmetics only sporadically, when they remember about it, or when they feel any particular skin discomfort. The truth is that men are as careful and committed about their skin care as women are. Hence, when they take it up (and today a good majority do) they go all the way.

Added to all this is the fact that many men have beards, which creates some skin problems of its own such as dryness, ingrown hairs, oily patches, red bumps, and so on. These skin problems need a few more specialized treatments, which men are learning to take care of fast. Most men use the whole treatment, i.e. cleansing, moisturizing, and toning of the skin, just as women do - with great results.