What is DHC Skin Care All About?

DHC skin care was founded in Japan in the 1980s with a product base of only three items; today it showcases more than 150 excellent skin care products. This is one of the first companies to use the direct-mail approach in marketing of their products.

The DHC Skin Care Treatment is Based on the Properties of Olive Oil

Japan has always been attuned to nature, and olive oil has long since been used successfully in skin care. The virgin olive oil used in the products has exceptional properties to fight aging and keep the skin smooth and radiant.

For those who do not know, olive oil has the unique property of readily mixing with water. Hence, it is able to penetrate much deeper than any other oil or substance applied, thus moisturizing the skin and cleansing it from inside.

All the DHC skin care products derive their beauty-enhancing properties from olive oil, used for beautification, fairness and anti-aging treatments. Added to this aspect is the perfection-driven mentality that is so common in Japan, making the DHC skin care company one of the best in the world.

The DHC Skin Care Company: A Way of Doing Business That Clicked Big Time

This beauty product company, as is mentioned above, had started very modestly some 20 years ago with the concept of marketing its products all over the world through direct mail. The success of the company today speaks for itself.

This was a very innovative idea back in the eighties, and the fact that it met with so much success proves true two major beliefs. These two beliefs are that the quality of the DHC skin care products has been and is totally irreproachable, and the direct-mail business can and is working as good as any other type of marketing.

There are many promotional offers by the DHC skin care company. You get a discount if you buy products worth $48 and above. You can get good discounts when you order in high volume. You will be paid a special discount for every friend you introduce to the web, and you get totally free shipping when you order something that costs more than $68.

Besides the beauty products, the DHC skin care company actively promotes healthier lifestyles, and hence has brought out a number of luxury health spas on the peninsula of Izu. This excellent location, offer an out-of-this-world experiences through massages, spas, mineral baths and many other aspects that give you a healthy life and beautiful skin.